Semantic Analysis and Linking for Situational Awareness Video Intelligence Platform (SALSA VIP)


The traditional practice of searching through traffic camera video to find APB vehicles involved in criminal activities is labor intensive and can take days, weeks, and even months. 

Capability Description

SALSA VIP applies artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, and graph analytics to detect, characterize, identify, alert, and track vehicles across live cameras and archived data.

SALSA VIP significantly reduces the number of man-hours typically required to search through video and serves as a cost-effective force multiplier for organizations with limited manpower and resources.

Real-time video feeds and video archives are difficult to search within operationally relevant data. With SALSA VIP, users can actively search or create alert profiles for APBs based on type, make, model, color, year, location, time, and direction of travel, yielding high confidence results (80% or greater) within seconds. SALSA VIP provides a comprehensive pattern of movement analysis, vehicle counts, activity and behavior alerts (e.g., a vehicle approaching a restricted area).

Vehicle Search:

  • Given the description of a vehicle involved in and fleeing the scene of a crime, find vehicles matching the description near the location and around the time of the incident.
  • A hit-and-run accident occurs at an intersection with cameras. Find the last known location of the involved vehicle by searching the video feeds of cameras in the area.
  • Track fleeing vehicles without pursuing them. Allows police to safely track, contain, and intercept suspect vehicles without conducting high risk pursuit.
  • An APB is issued for a specific vehicle. Show where and when vehicles matching the APB description were last seen. The APB vehicle License Plate is picked up by an ALPR camera. Find the highest confidence matches to the identified vehicle across a network of cameras.
  • Corroborate a suspect’s alibi, to determine if and when the suspect’s vehicle has been seen in the vicinity of a specific location (e.g., house, bar, or parking lot), a public space (e.g., park) or neighborhood.
  • Identify a vehicle suspected of conducting surveillance, seen driving through the same building multiple times during several days.
  • Show the location of all vehicles matching a description, travelling in a specific direction, in a region of a route over the last 15 minutes

Vehicle Alerts: Receive alerts on vehicles of interest within 30 seconds of detecting a match above the confidence threshold.

  • An Amber/Silver alert is issued describing the vehicle type, make, color and license plate and the area where it was last seen. Set up an alert for the vehicle description in the vicinity of where it was last seen as part of the initial response.
  • Be alerted when a stolen vehicle match is detected in an area or region.  Set up an alert for when a vehicle is first detected within a camera network.
  • Receive an alert when a vehicle associated with a suspect or suspicious activity arrives at a particular address or neighborhood. (e.g. restraining order violation)
  • Receive an alert when a suspect vehicle is detected travelling in a specific direction on a particular route.

SALSA VIP supports immediate integration with IP-based network cameras and can use on-premises hardware or integrate into a cloud architecture.

What makes SALSA VIP unique?

Other vehicle detection systems provide observations that are independent for each camera and there is no correlation between a vehicle seen in one camera with observations of a vehicle from other cameras. SALSA VIP uses characteristic’s fuzzy matching, and time-space correlations to help re-identify vehicles across cameras and determine previous locations of the same vehicle with a high degree of confidence.