Computational Knowledge

Find What Matters in large and evolving document archives

DISCOVERY lets you quickly identify topics within archives, and how they change over time, as well as locations, key terms, and events mentioned within documents. Discover the people or organizations the documents are about, how they relate, and how those associations change over time.

Making Archives Useful

Search engines only yield lists of information. Search engines do not enable the user to rapidly understand the topics and key terms embedded within the archive.

DISCOVERY, provides more than just documents matching a query; it provides insight into the people, projects, customers, and partners organizations have engaged with. Explore the data archive in a fluid and engaging way and seamlessly see results that blend data from multiple documents.

Goodbye Folders – Hello Smart Lists

Organize documents into Smart Lists. Filter document data by time period, location, tags, or specific content. Explore the results in graph, map, timeline, and topic views.

Discovery keeps Smart Lists up-to-date. Users receive alerts when there is an update on a Smart List bookmarked as a favorite. Smart Lists can be shared with other users. Discovery keeps track of which Smart Lists are changing the most.

The Explore Page: Discovery Deep Diving

Navigate your data archive and customize your Smart List, starting from a high-level view to the most detailed  information. 

Take a birds-eye view of all the archive information to quickly navigate to a particular topic or entity without typing a query. Or search and then filter using tags and topics for more specific results.

Discover how, top terms, key phrases, and topics change as new time ranges are selected within a dataset. Visualize how the archive’s topics evolve over time.

DISCOVERY Knowledge Graph

The DISCOVERY graph is available for every facet of the archive; a person, place, organization, or Smart List. Explore how the DISCOVERY knowledge graph changes over time.

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