Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics

The widespread use of mobile devices and internet communications provide more available case information than ever before, however, processing and analyzing this information is limited by manpower resources and financial constraints.

BOLERO provides a data-driven approach to rapidly identifying the most valuable digital files and forensic artifacts in mobile devices, laptop computers, IoT, vehicle telematic, drones, and removable storage devices.

Rapidly identify the most important files and artifacts to build your investigative case. Identify and make connections between digital files of evidentiary value. 

Discover new evidence based on similarity of files. Explore, prioritize, retain and extract value from large amounts of digital forensic data.

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When Time Is of the Essence

Rapid processing is enabled by combining innovations in software engineering, fine-tuning Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms for performance. Solutions are configured to meet the Size, Weight, Power and Cost (SWaP-C) constraints of the deployment environment. BOLERO has been shown to yield the most efficient representation of the device contents in the shortest amount of time.

Leveraging community-developed evolving standards

Bolero takes full advantage of international digital forensic standards, such as CASE to represent data in graphlets. Visualize forensic data in maps, timelines, associations, and patterns-of-life charts. Rapidly export your findings in CSV, JSON and KML formats, maintaining device provenance.

The Edge Advantage

BOLERO accurately and rapidly identifies the most valuable digital forensic evidence closer to its point of collection. Run fewer processes in the cloud and enterprise systems. Move your systems closer to the devices that generate the data at the edge, minimizing reach-back bandwidth requirements, and improving the way data is processed and delivered.