More timely – Mission-essential information readily available within fused data.


Relevant – Connected information ranked by confident relevancy.


Accurate – Highly accurate multimodal text, images, and video results.


More complete – Enriched entity data enables discovering hidden relationships.

Semandex Networks is a pioneer in the development of semantic software for information management.

Transforming large volumes of data into actionable information. Providing effective solutions to the most challenging data analysis tasks facing national security, law enforcement, and information assurance professionals. Developing technologies that correlate data from structured and unstructured sources to discover non-obvious connections.


Innovative Technology


Proven Solutions


Trusted Expertise


Empowering Partnerships

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Innovative Technology

Using artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, and graph analytics, Semandex innovative technologies provide situational awareness to empower decision-making. 

Semandex technologies support structured and unstructured, multi-source data and produce the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and dependable information.

Semandex modular software services scale to support ever-increasing data volumes. These services incorporate best-in-class algorithms that can be updated independently to keep up with the rapid advancements in the field to provide:

  • High-performance data ingestion, transformation, and routing 
  • Advanced natural language processing
  • Image and video analytics 
  • Recommendations, similarity search, clustering, and aggregation
  • The most relevant connected information  from text, images, and video analytics (Knowledge Graphs)

  • Time-series analysis, detection of unusual behavior
  • Graph-based clustering algorithms for multi-sensor data fusion 
  • Semantic search and link prediction
  • Human-machine teaming
  • Web-based visualization and reporting

Empowering Partnerships

We team up with strong complementary partners to deliver best-in-class solutions with differentiated value.

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Partner Testimonials

Over the years, we have relied on Semandex to bring meaning to the disparate data that we extract from digital devices. By partnering with Semandex, we deliver comprehensive solutions that help our customers connect their data and derive intelligence.

Tony Zuccaro, President, ZTC

Semandex has been a great partner in tackling some of our client's toughest problems. Their team is full of fantastic collaborators who are knowledgeable innovators and laser focused on providing valued solutions to their partners.

Jeff Graley, President, Mile Two

Semandex has a highly competent technical team and a very good understanding of the requirements in the defense space. Our partnership in the co-development of technology has been very mutually beneficial with great results in the marketplace.

Dr. Kumar Ramaswamy, President, igolgi Inc.

KLC has had a great partner relationship with Semandex for 8 years. First working with their Bolero product. A great innovative way to search through and correlate data. And recently with their SALSA VIP product, another very innovative and unique approach to identifying and classifying vehicles and having that data correlated and AI analyzed for immediate processing. On both projects, their professional management staff and exceptional and talented engineering staff were spot on supportive. I can’t say enough of the positive experience I had partnering with such a capable company.

Paul Gianni, Field Service Engineer, KLC Network Services, Inc.

Barnstorm has partnered with Semandex Networks since our founding in 2012, and collaborated in multiple DoD contracts through today. What keeps us coming back for more is Semandex's laser focus on customer experience, that transforms advanced technology from the lab into a useful product.

Jorge Tierno, Ph.D., President, Barnstorm Research Corporation

I have been working closely with Semandex and Dr. Reininger off and on since 9/11. Because of the trust and appreciation for his ability to solve difficult technical problems, our integration company approached him last year to help our lead DOJ Law Enforcement customer solve a very difficult data science problem. What we appreciate most about Semandex is the scientific depth and practicality of their solutions to difficult technical problems. Twenty years of experience in data enrichment allowed them to quickly engineer a common data model and semantic tagging design with the ideal level of complexity. Another key differentiator for us and our client was that their approach discerns entity relationships often missed within the data by other solutions. They helped us quickly engineer a cloud-enabled, data enrichment-as-a-service process that allowed us to quickly and easily integrate their solution into our data enrichment pipeline.

Tom Dawson, Director, Law Enforcement Programs, i3 LLC

Trusted Expertise

Our innovators take pride in developing state-of-the-art solutions while addressing mission-critical capabilities to help keep our nation safe and our defense forces strong.

Our advances on semantic information processing technologies have been recognized with prestigious competitive awards from US R&D agencies including the Defense Advanced Research Agency (DARPA), National Institutes of Health (NIH), Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), Office of Naval Research (ONR), Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), and The Army Research Laboratory (ARL).

Computational Knowledge

Discover what documents archives are about, the people and organizations mentioned in them, how they relate, and how those connections change over time.

Investigative Analysis

SALSA combines data from multiple sources and generates relationship analysis to uncover associations between people, communications activities, places, events and transactions.

Digital Forensics

Bolero provides a data-driven approach to rapidly identifying the most valuable digital files and forensic artifacts in mobile devices, laptop computers, IoT, vehicle telematic, drones, and removable storage devices.

Video Intelligence

SALSA VIP advanced Multi-Sensor Fusion platform integrates leading video analytics with video management software (VMS) for Public Safety, Law Enforcement, and Defense applications.

Proven Solutions

Founded in 2000, Semandex has fielded innovative products and customized solutions for:

  • Tactical intelligence analysis systems with the first-to-deploy semantic search across tactical theater and national sources
  • Counter-terrorism common operating picture (CT-COP) with law enforcement, intelligence and defense data
  • Rapid exploration and understanding of large document archives
  • A Medical Emergency Disaster Response Network that fuses operational and logistics data to expedite the delivery of care and supplies to where they are most needed

  • Corporate intelligence software for assessing emerging operational threats to people, facilities and supply chain assets
  • Multi-sensor fusion that provides real-time situational awareness of vehicular activities across multiple locations
  • Relationship intelligence from tactical reports and other sensor data, including biometrics
  • Scalable cloud computing software for large-scale digital forensic analysis

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