VizX Video Intelligence

AI-Enhanced Video Intelligence

VizX is a video intelligence application that automatically recognizes objects of interest in a specific setting, and their depicted activities, from live or archived visual media. Unlike other AI-powered video intelligence applications that require expensive training and periodic re-training, VizX leverages a pre-trained model as a basis to recognize a vast number of objects, and then uses visual transformers to infer other objects that are not part of the pre-training. This enables VizX to deliver video intelligence right out-of-the-box.

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Unprecedented Search Flexibility

Search ground, aerial and space images and video for any natural language description of objects, their actions and settings. No other visual search technology delivers results that simultaneously match the elements of the natural language description. For example, traditional visual search engines would find all pictures depicting a van, which may include thousands of results. VizX enhanced recognition, delivers the subset of pictures depicting a van riding on a road in the snow, with significant fewer and more relevant results for the query, saving significant time associated with narrowing down the results.

Up-to-Date Actionable Insights

Subscribe to specific content of interest and receive notifications when updates relevant to the subscription are available. Configurable subscriptions include objects, their behavior and settings, over a time window and geographical area.

Location and time filters allow for specifying an area and time range of interest.

Edge Deployable

In edge deployments, cameras powered by VizX’s AI transmit pictures or video to the watch center only when the object of interest is recognized, providing a cost-effective approach for analyzing data at the point of collection.

VizX is suitable for Disconnected, Intermittent, and Limited (DIL) environments, providing a unified exploitation of ground, aerial and satellite sensor data.

With fit-for-purpose processing speed, accuracy and flexibility, VizX is uniquely suitable for low Size, Weight, and Power-Cost (SWaP-C) requirements.