Semandex products suite combines efficient data organization and visualization to solve the most complex challenges in the intelligence analysis, law enforcement investigations, corporate intelligence, digital forensics and sensitive content protection sectors.


Intelligence Analysis

The Tango core technology allows analysts to discover non-obvious connections between people, places and events, visualize these links in the data and detect anomalies in patterns.
Detect individuals and organizations even when they are trying to mask their identities, relationships and activities. Provide immediate and actionable information to help prevent threat, fraud, abuse and collusions.

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Law Enforcement Investigations

The Salsa application organizes, links and analyzes data from a variety of sources. With Salsa users can specify their own tags and visualize tag co-occurrence, connections between the data and monitor postings across social media. These postings can be filtered by concept, time and location. Natural Language Processing (NLP) engines allow Salsa to extract name entities in postings. With Salsa law enforcement officials can monitor suspicious behaviors and patterns of concern.


  • Link entities by identity attributes, such as telephone numbers, addresses, to uncover relevant and non-obvious relationships
  • Perform semantic similarity searches to identify matching entities and further explore related entity and every entity attribute that link those entities
  • Identify suspect or interesting relationships, even those that are hidden or disguised, and send alerts based on user defined rules

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Corporate Intelligence


Manage your data about organizations, people and their relationships. Salsa Connections merges all of your critical connections data and shows you the missing link: a fused layer of intelligence from public, private and commercial data that gives you a competitive advantage.
Determine the potential value and risk of relationships among customers, employees, vendors, competitors and partners. Perform network analysis across customer databases, vendor lists, employee databases, regulatory compliance lists, and streaming data feeds including corporate email traffic logs. Salsa Connections allows organizations to maintain a dynamic entity database that can be used as a platform for all their knowledge-based applications.

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Digital ForensicsDigital Forensics

Discover clusters of similar files stored in multiple devices and the connections between the custodians of the files. Track how the incriminating files traveled through the system and who holds them. Visualize device data using lists, graphs and charts. Identify exact and near duplicate files, including text, image and video formats.

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Sensitive Data Protection

Stand Out From the Crowd

Automatically identify sensitive content and track its flow across the enterprise. Filter out normal activity and focus on threats. Bolero mitigates insider threats and improves cyber situational awareness preparing your organization for a rapid defensive response.

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