SALSA Knowledge Graph support for Investigation and Analysis


A multi-agency task force is set up to dismantle and disrupt an international criminal organization involved in trafficking controlled technology. The task force all-source analysts access a myriad of data sets from various intelligence disciplines. Currently, much of their work is manual, labor-intensive and lacks critical analytics capabilities to make correlations across disparate data sets in a timely manner.

Capability Description

SALSA technical intelligence processing and all-source fusion Capabilities combine data from multiple sources into a Knowledge Graph and perform relationship analysis to uncover associations between people, communications activities, places, events and transactions. SALSA Smart Lists narrow down results to time range, area or characteristic, and the results in a Smart List are updated automatically as new data becomes available.

What makes SALSA Investigation and Analysis capabilities different?

The SALSA Knowledge Graph (SKG) enables uncovering hidden connections, such as unknown associates, through unstructured data and use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to proactively interdict the efforts of the various criminal entities supporting the criminal organization.