SALSA Knowledge Graph support for corporate intelligence


Organizations need to stay informed of emerging events that can signal market, competitive and supplier opportunities or risks. This requires organizations to constantly source and process all data and rapidly discover connections across datasets to understand the links among entities and the nature of their activities and associations.

Capability Description

SALSA Corporate Intelligence is a cloud-based web application to help organizations stay ahead of developments relevant to their operations. The SALSA processing platform is designed to discover connections between people, organizations, places and activities associated with them. Connections that would take hours to discover, SALSA can provide immediately. Stay ahead of changes in the supply chain and their impact on your operations. Be immediately alerted of news relevant to your market, your competitors, your locations and your manufacturing facilities. Support your continuity of operations workflow with organized relevant data that is immediately available and up-to-date.

What makes SALSA corporate intelligence unique?

SALSA’s linked data model allows for iterative searches consisting of multi-hop questions that leverage the connections between the data. Users can build upon the linked searches in a repeatable fashion, where it is possible to launch a new question off the results of an initial search. For example, find products that a company buys from vendors whose suppliers had an incident or have announced that they will discontinue offering the product in the future.