SALSA Entity Resolution and Enrichment support for Investigation and Analysis


Today’s investigations and analysis enterprise collects massive amounts of information from both traditional and openly-available sources. A large portion of this information contains ambiguous, duplicate or incomplete identity data, which significantly limits the ability to find true identity in investigations. Resolution of inconsistent or ambiguous information into a correlated set of entities is the crucial first step for relationship analysis.

Capability Description

Identity Resolution technology helps resolve inconsistent, ambiguous identity and attribute information across multiple data sets. Identity resolution helps determine if multiple separate identity packages are describing the same person, even if the data is inconsistent. For example, by comparing names, addresses, phone numbers and other personal information across different records, the entity resolution service helps discover the unique identity behind the inconsistent records.

What makes SALSA entity resolution capabilities unique?

SALSA correlates entities that represent the same item, as determined by its resolution algorithms. These algorithms are based on matching of external systems’ database keys, specific entity unique identity attributes, similarity of non-unique entity attributes, general similarity of entity type/location/time of observation, similarity of entities based on common relationships within the graph.

After a correlation decision is made, SALSA creates the fused representation for the correlated entities (and relationships). SALSA maintains a history of the connections from raw through extracted to fused data. Because the extracted, uncorrelated data is maintained intact, SALSA supports the ability to manually undo and redo the fusion of records.