Semandex Showcase of VizX AI Video Intelligence at Modern Day Marine Expo (May 10–12, 2022)


We’ll be showcasing VizX, Next-generation AI-powered Video Intelligence with wide-range of Out-of-Box Recognition at Modern Day Marine Expo in Washington, DC from May 10–12, 2022.

The proliferation of video received from multiple sensors including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), unmanned ground vehicles (UGV), and unattended ground sensors (UGV) have significantly expanded the tactical commander’s ability to gather critical battlefield information. However, bandwidth constrained communications networks and limited computational processing at the tactical edge continue to restrict the speed at which the battlefield information can be incorporated into the warfighter’s decision making. Despite today’s advances in artificial intelligence (AI), conventional algorithms still require vast amounts of time and associated cost, to annotate training datasets and build prediction models in a timely and accurate fashion, and these algorithms are only able to correctly predict under the conditions that closely match the training dataset.

Semandex has developed a leading-edge AI technology to recognize objects and activity that the commander is interested in (i.e., enemy vehicles, armor, weapons, soldiers, convoys, bivouac sites, etc.), even if these objects seen under the conditions of the battlefield are not in the training dataset. This is a major shift in how AI can support realistic operational requirements. VizX delivers speed, accuracy and flexibility in a small hardware footprint, uniquely suitable for low Size, Weight and Power-Cost (SWaP-C) requirements.