Semandex is continuously advancing its products with the development of new technologies, many of which are patented. Obtaining a patent not only provides legal protection of our inventions, but also acknowledges Semandex’s innovation and the uniqueness of our solutions.  Our patents include:

Systems and methods for file clustering, multi-drive forensic analysis and data protection

US Patent number: 9792289

Organizations collect and store voluminous amounts of data in various formats and locations. To quickly and efficiently access, analyze and protect its data, organizations must implement good data classification systems. Organizing data into effective classification systems often relies on detecting areas where files form groups with similar properties. Identifying similarities between files spread across multiple memory resources in one or more different devices can be very challenging when dealing with a high-dimensional space that arises as a way of modeling datasets with many attributes. In high dimensional spaces, all objects appear to be sparse and dissimilar in many ways, which prevents common data organization strategies from being efficient. This problem is what is known as the curse of dimensionality. As the dimensionality increases, the volume of the space increases so fast that the available data becomes sparse, making it difficult to search.

Systems and methods for the management of information to enable the rapid dissemination of actionable information

US Patent number: 8108435

Turning data into actionable information is a daily challenge for a number of professionals. Numerous entities including military personnel, emergency responders, business analysts and corporate security officers need effective ways to turn data into the information needed to act decisively. Actionable information enables a decision to be made and action is prompted as a result. In contrast, non-actionable information does not result in an immediate response or action. method for providing at least one client access to a semantic graph distributed among a plurality of semantic servers is provided. This invention comprises a semantic server linking data as it is received into a semantic graph supporting search and alert subscription of interest over data in the semantic graph and, automatically collecting latest information from data sources connected to a plurality of interconnected semantic servers. 

Systems and methods for providing semantically enhanced identity management

US Patent number: 8041743

Semantic technologies and semantic computing approaches offer ways to correlate and associate distributed and disparate data sources to help officials understand who an individual is and if their declared intentions are legitimate. The disclosed systems and methods enhance biometric data available to authorities to identify individuals by linking the available biometric data semantically to data from other sources to improve identity management using a semantic computing server that builds a semantic graph based on the data. Using the semantic graph helps determine the identity and possible intention to deceive of certain individuals.