Organize your data with the most powerful semantic graph

Newly updated to handle video and imagery data, Tango is the necessary tool for Intelligence and Law Enforcement analysts. Discover critical information from connections between the data. The power of knowledge over Information.

Connect organizations, people and events, and discover hidden associations between them. Tango features powerful workflow filters to narrow down suspicious events and elements of interest. Get New Insights. Fast Results.

Tango guides the analyst to find the right questions within large quantities of data. Users can add notes and links to the Tango pages enriching the data and creating a centralized knowledge base. With Tango, analysts and software work together to add knowledge. Powerful insight.


Expedite analysis of Full-Motion Video (FMV) using enriched metadata

Tango links enriched metadata produced from video and imagery collected in the field to contextual data from tactical sources and key expeditionary operations Priority Intelligence Requirements (PIR) and Specific Intelligence Requirements (SIR).


Effective Activity-Based Intelligence

Search by time period, event type or keyword and set alerts on your events of interest. Identify patterns of life and pattern anomalies.





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