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Find the critical files within your case collections

Discover the connections between those files with In-depth cross-drive analysis that supports multiple high capacity drives. Bolero is the fastest, multi-device digital investigations analysis software available.


Visualize your data and add your own discoveries

When time is of the essence, Bolero is for you. No supercomputers needed.
Discover associations between individuals and/or groups. Bolero clusters files by similarity. Visualize your device data using links, graphs and charts.


Digital Forensics

Identify and make connections between digital files of evidentiary value. Discover new evidence based on similarity of files.

Clues of illegal activities are often buried in large volumes of data that needs to be sifted through in order to detect crimes and collect evidence. The primary challenge in digital investigations and intelligence analysis today is uncovering not just the right answer, but the right question. The formation of viable hypotheses, that ultimately uncover meaning in available evidence is a central problem in digital investigations. Such hypothesis formation, based on intuition and experience, involves an underlying process that can be substantially aided by computers.

With the global explosion of digital media devices, traditional Digital Forensic techniques are no longer appropriate for timely analysis of digital evidence found in the field. With Bolero, investigators can now triage with high precision and recall large quantity of media artifacts in seized devices uncovering links across cases with similar typologies.




Sensitive Data Protection

Bolero can automatically identify sensitive content and track its flow across the enterprise. Mitigate insider threat and improve situation awareness. Prepare your organization for a rapid cyber defense response. Bolero’s scalable and expandable architecture can cope with large data volumes. Don’t wait weeks to find the insider threats within your organization, now with Bolero you can detect sensitive data missuse within minutes.

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